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Quiz for the Weekend: Test Your Knowledge of Ivy League Archive Trivia

Which of the following accidentally occurred due to a computer error at the beginning of the 1978-79 school year? a)

Hate Poster

On the heels of a white supremacist poster last week and an anti-Semitic poster Monday, an anti-Asian poster was found

Fred's Retirement Spurs Free Coffee at Dunkin'

Fred the Baker may be at the threshhold of his restful years, but his retirement yesterday caused anything but relaxation

Anti-Semitic Poster Found Behind Sever

Less than a week after white supremacist flyers appeared in Harvard Yard, an anti-Semitic poster was discovered yesterday on a

Central Square Plays Host To 7th Annual World's Fair

Students, visitors and Cantabrigians flocked to Central Square yesterday to sample food, crafts and entertainment from around the world at