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Flipper Joins the Navy

J UST in case you wondered what the Pentagon could ever possibly do to top the $600 hammer, the New

One Cold War, Two Losers

S UNDAY'S New York Times editorial, "The Cold War is Over," rightly suggests that "Soviet-American relations are entering a new

A Liberal Objection to Abortion

R OE v. Wade is in danger. Nothing else could be more encouraging to abortion's opponents. At the same time,

Questionable Tactics

BOTH the majority position and Defeat Homophobia's responses to the Mather dance incident of February 19 unwittingly damage the cause

Rats in Your Dining Hall

W HETHER students and Harvard administrators want to admit it or not, nocturnal observations and dining experiences over the past

Ivan the Terrible or Dreyfus?

U NLESS the Israeli Supreme Court heeds his appeal and overturns his death sentence, retired Cleveland autoworker and convicted Nazi

Rethinking the `C'-Word

O NCE they find out that I am a conservative, Harvardite liberals sometimes ask me what being a conservative on

Shrink to Grow in Wisdom

I N the glossy brochures Harvard sends to prospective students, the College brags about section quality. Even though Harvard is


T HE majority opinion fails to make clear that Question 5 is a non-binding referendum that asks our members of

Duke's Night in the Sun

O NCE, Herodotus tell us, there was a rich ruler, Croesus, who had just about everything a man could want.

The Best Defense for Dukakis is a Good Offense

T RAILING, or at best dead-even with George Bush in the polls, Mike Dukakis finds himself going into this Sunday