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Four Years Later

Y OU PROBABLY have seen this happen, too: One day in the spring of freshman year, I was ambling through

Blowing a Fortune

Great Good Fortune: How Harvard Makes Its Money By Carl A. Vigeland '69 Houghton Mifflin; 239 pages. H ARVARD AND

A Top of the Class Act?

NEWS ITEM: Commissioner of Baseball Peter Ueberroth, who also organized the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, will be the speaker at

Examining the Schedule

M OVE EXAMS before Christmas, and you're doing away with not one but two Harvard traditions. First, of course, there's

Now It's Mayor Sullivan

Twenty-six-year City Council veteran Walter J. Sullivan is set to be selected Cambridge's new mayor tonight, thanks to a key

Students Mugged on Campus

Harvard students were attacked on University property in two separate incidents last weekend, and a potpourri of other crimes--including a

Juniors Open Laserprinting Venture

Three former HSA managers make their entrepreneurial debut in the real world Monday, when their new laserprinting business opens its

Roso Joins Harvard's Highest and Mightiest

During his 11 year stint as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Henry Rosovsky was in charge of

Hurricane Gloria Goes Easy on Cambridge

Hurricane Gloria rolled through Harvard around 3 p.m. yesterday, with winds of up to 97 m.p.h. knocking over a dozen

A Party All Over Campus

As Hurricane Gloria slammed into the East Coast yesterday, taking at least three lives and causing millions of dollars in

Neil Young Goes Twang

"W hen I was a younger man," sings Neil Young on "Old Ways," his 18th and latest solo album, "Got

Those Men in (Baby) Blue

T HINKING UP WAYS of dodging the speed limit has always been one of those things that spice up a

Get A Clue, John

C OME ON, JOHN. The Globe proved that you're a pathetic fibber. Don't try yourself to prove that you're a

Some Would Be Divesting of Themselves

If Harvard decided tomorrow to cut ties to companies doing business in South Africa, at least three members of the

Uncovering the Truth

F OR FOUR YEARS, he never left his blacked-out penthouse high above Las Vegas. He lived amid heaps of dusty