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The Limit of Liberalism?

A T DINNER last week, a friend of mine and I discussed the highly publicized refusal of Weld Professor of

Regulate Hate Speech

T HE staff position asserts that the raison d'etre of a University is the "free exchange of ideas." We vehemently

Was King Just a Dreamer?

T HE implications of the Carol Stuart murder case hold significance not only for society at large but for the

And on the Eighth Day, God Took His Valium

A philosophical burglar, a relaxation-technique enthusiast, an Arab sheik and plates of sardines all contribute to the side-splitting humor of

Cambridge and Abortion Rights

With the Supreme Court's July decision in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services still fresh in in the minds of pro-choice

Harvard Pro-Choice Forces Face Questions

In about two weeks, the National Organization for Women (NOW) will sponsor a mobilization in the nation's capital for abortion

Pass the Butler

Pull out your white gloves, straighten up your bow tie, and shine up your spats because P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves Takes

Students for Choice Will Picket Pregnancy Clinic

A pro-abortion rights student group will picket outside the Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center today to protest the clinic's counselling about

New Abortion Battle Heats Up

Women's and civil liberties groups at Harvard have begun mobilizing delegations for a massive pro-choice march planned for Washington, D.C.