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Judge Dismisses Charges Against 24 Weathermen

Charges against Eric M. Mann and 23 other Weathermen of conspiracy to commit murder were dismissed Saturday by Judge M.

Anti-War SDS'ers Want to Enter Closed Hearing- If They Find It

The Anti-War Committee of SDS voted yesterday to recommend to a group meeting that SDS try to enter a closed

Circling the Square

Once a happy hunting ground of the Indians and the background for a Norse saga, the noble Charles maintains its


This is more in the way of forewarning that "George Washington Slept Here" will either send you in the aisles


Last minute entry for the Academy Award is Bette Davis' newest acting miracle "Now, Voyager." One does not even have


The sweater-and-skirt-jammed auditorium of Alumnae Hall went simply mad about Wellesley's Junior Show which made its solo appearance Friday evening.


Hollywood has at last come across with the kind of picture everybody has been waiting for it to come across


Since the "Maltese Falcon" every Humphrey Bogart picture has been a bit of an anticlimax, in spite of the fact


"Skylark," this week's presentation at the Brattle Hall Theatre, is like a lot of other comedies. It starts off rather