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‘Blade’ Writer Takes Director’s Seat

“I can’t believe I get paid to do this,” says David S. Goyer during a recent interview discussing his upcoming

Director Brad Bird Soars Over Limits of Animation

Come Oscar time, nominations for The Incredibles, Disney and Pixar’s latest foray into the CGI world which they created, will

Sink or Swim?

20TH CENTURY FOX Unfaithful (May 10): As his hair gradually turns a whiter shade of gray, Richard Gere’s name has

Earthquake Rattles Cambridge Area

When New Jersey native Mariella C. Chilmaza ’05 woke up unusually early Saturday morning, it took a second for her

Mitchell Talks Movies

“It’s like going to the funeral of someone you don’t know—you are miserable and don’t know why you are there.”

‘Prophecies’ Bores

By Vijay A. Bal Contributing Writer The Mothman Prophecies begins with some intriguing title credits—unfortunately, it pretty much rolls downhill

College Rescinds Mistakenly Awarded Detur Prizes

More than 50 sophomores received a suspicious letter in the mail earlier this week. While not life-threatening, the letters did

Redford's Last Stand

Films like The Last Castle are especially disappointing because almost all of the elements for a good film are present: