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Early Admissions Edge Is Real, New Book Finds

What does half of every Harvard class have in common? Besides high test scores and near-perfect grades, they also applied

Gates Helps Revitalize Africana Website

A new incarnation of, the Web site cofounded by DuBois Professor of the Humanities Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr.,

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For The Love of Bush

“It’s not pretty, but it’s progress,” says Vice President Dick Cheney, taking a break from one of a seemingly endless

Early Applicant Numbers Spike

Recent public attention to early admissions programs likely contributed to a 24.3 percent increase in early applications to Harvard College,

Students To Advise First-Years On Majors

This spring, upperclass students will help advise first-years as they pick their concentrations, thanks to a measure approved by the

Preregistration Plan Slated For Next Fall

Despite misgivings from some members of the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE), Dean of the Faculty William C. Kirby confirmed

Harvard Students Just Can't 'Slow Down'

“Do you support women’s rights?” “Would you like to travel to Uganda?” “Do you sing? You don’t have to. Just

Commencement Speakers Prepare To Impress

Zayed M. Yasin ’02 will challenge seniors to apply the concept of the jihad to their lives after graduation during

Journalists’ Committee Wins Nieman Award

Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism recently honored the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) for its efforts to safeguard the rights

Stroke Did Not Stop Easter Guest Preacher

Most people would have expected Anthony Campolo to cancel his week-long preaching engagement at Memorial Church after he suffered a

Church, Shelter Net Unexpected $400k Gift

In a bequest amounting to about $400,000, a woman who last attended University Lutheran Church (UniLu) in the late 1940s


Glenn Loury: Shades of Black

Black and white: the phrase suggests two polar opposites and a debate that can be boiled down into simple, irreconcilable


A Nightmarish Take on America

Just how far will our cultural obsession with images and their consumption take us? Jennifer Egan’s Look At Me is