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Housing Heads Western

Peabody Terrace will soon have a twin across the River. This summer, which will likely see defining decisions on the

Big Squeeze: Student Groups Search for Space

Associate Dean of the College David P. Illingworth ’71 says he cannot enter the HMV on Mt. Auburn Street in

Reporter Honored for Murder Coverage

A Hartford Courant reporter recently received an award from the Nieman Foundation for his coverage of the murder of a

In The Meantime

Holy War

When the idea came up for Christian Impact (CI) and the Harvard Secular Society (HSS) to combine theological debate with


Reform is Unconstitutional

Campaign finance reform is a lawful way to prevent “vote buying,”right? Think again. Campaign finance reform is an unconstitutional restriction


Student Testifies in Internet Suit

A Harvard student testified for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Tuesday in a federal lawsuit on Internet accessibility. Benjamin

Group May Sue Harvard for Slave Reparations

Harvard could soon find itself targeted in a lawsuit demanding reparations for slavery, according to one of its own professors

Fellowship To Offer Scholars Protection

A newly created Faculty committee is currently accepting nominations for a new fellowship that will bring scholars to campus who


Taking Clinton to Task

As much as some people may dislike conservative commentator David Horowitz, they should pay closer attention to his views. Horowitz’s

Students To Lobby Capitol Hill

Fifteen Harvard undergraduates will descend upon Capitol Hill today to lobby for more government funding of space development and AIDS

Dershowitz Involved in Case of Mistaken Identity

Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz often takes on controversial cases. But earlier this week he was declared defense

Premier's Son Offers U.S. Advice

The son of former Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev drew parallels between Russia’s conflict in Chechnya and the United States’

Human Rights Program Proposal Nears Review

A four-member committee lobbying for the University to organize a Human Rights studies program solicited input from students on ways