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Once Upon a Time, Harvard Was a National Powerhouse

In 1872, Harvard may not have been the best place to enroll for an education in medicine or physics. But

The Sun Seldom Sets On Harvard's Empire

Alas Count Rumford, the American traitor, Harvard knows and treats him well. Because for nearly two centuries, the University has

Square Sales

Seasoned shoppers and window watchers alike are pounding the pavements this week, taking advantage of a rash of clearance sales

A New Way to Cope With Expos

The 3-a.m.-and-I-haven't-started-my-paper crowd has a new ally in the battle against drooping eyelids. Jolt Cola, the new soft drink which

Daniloff Reunion Report Indicated Desire to Join CIA

Adding an ironic twist to a mushrooming international dispute, alumni records reveal that Nicholas S. Daniloff '56 claimed the CIA

How to Strangle a Bulldog

In 1872, Harvard may not have been the best place to enroll for an education in medicine or physics. But

Aquino to Visit Harvard Next Week

The charismatic leader of the world's newest democracy will visit Harvard this coming weekend during her first official visit to

Accelerate That Particle

Although physicists have made great gains in understanding elementary particle physics over the past 50 years, research needs new facilities

Wish Upon a Star

Leading astronomers said yesterday that observational studies and new sky-watching techniques will open up new knowledge of our universe in

Synthetic Drugs, Metallic Wonders And Molecular Synthesis

Five Harvard faculty members took inventory of the latest synthetic drugs and metallic wonders of chemical engineering in a symposium

Get a New Government: U.S. Foreign Aid and Socio-Political Change

Experts yesterday examined the impact of United States foreign aid programs, concluding that while economic growth programs have been successful,

Navajo Artist Honored By Indians, Foundation

About 70 professors, students and administrators gathered at the Carpenter Center Monday night to honor noted Navajo artist R.C. Gorman

After Your History Ph.D., Then What...

You have just been admitted to the most exclusive club in academia. Your dissertation was finally accepted after three years

Freshmen Start Political Action Group

To promote discussion of civil rights issues, two freshmen have launched a group to encourage social and political debate among

Singer, `Dynasty' Star Diahann Carroll Gets Crowd to The Coop

With flashbulbs flashing, fans and photographers surrounding her, singer and Dynasty star Diahann Carroll might have been stepping out of