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Not Very Enterprising

I T COULD have been glorious. But after ten years of waiting, five years of planning, three years of production

Space Shots

O H, HOW EMBARASSING. Oh what rotten luck! If you don't find that space shuttle we borrowed from the Americans,

Advent Corporation Leaves Cambridge

The Advent Corporation, a nationally-known manufacturer of loudspeakers and other electronic equipment, will close its Cambridge headquarters and plant facilities

Residents Object to University Expansion

The Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association voted unanimously last night to declare that Harvard has, in its view, broken its past promises

Panelists Discuss Elections At Kennedy School's Forum

About 75 people watched the Kennedy School ARCO Forum's giant sized television screen last night as it displayed the latest

This Town Isn't Big Enough for Two Parties, Pardner

It's like the chicken and the egg. Everyone believes that whoever wins the Democratic nomination for state representative and state

City Council Votes to Investigate Dorms, Considers Support of Red Line Injunction

The Cambridge City Council voted unanimously last night to ask the city's superintendent of buildings to inspect eight Harvard dormitories

Enrollment Up at Extension School

Officials of Harvard's Commission on Extension Studies said last week they expect enrollment in the fall extension program to increase

Harvard Corporation Appoints Ten Foreign Nieman Fellows

The Harvard Corporation recently appointed ten foreign journalists to this year's class of Nieman fellows, including newsmen from countries formerly

Mass Fair Share and Harvard

Last September almost 40 members of Massachusetts Fair Share, an influential citizen action group, decided to march around President Bok's

Professors Like to Get Away Too

Students who are thinking about taking time off before their college days end might want to consider the experiences of

With Six, You Get Eggrolls: Fox Packs Them In

The essence of freshman year can perhaps best be remembered by recalling mealtime in the Freshman Union. Often resembling a

Traffic Snarls Yard As Students Depart

Harvard Yard was busier than a Filene's basement clearance sale yesterday, as students packed up their belongings and headed for

Bok Joins Committee to Cut Red Tape

President Bok has joined a recently formed committee which is trying to reduce the annoyances of excessive paperwork caused by

Several Study Cards Lost In Registrar Office Shuffle

Officials at the Office of the Registrar recently discovered they have misplaced at least 15 study cards, but were too