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Redetermining Genetic Determinism

F OR THOSE WHO thought that the nature-nurture controversy was settled with E.O. Wilson's On Human Nature, think again. The

Lackadaisical 'Femininity'

T WENTY YEARS AGO, Betty Friedan wrote what is now considered to be the original feminist bible: The Feminine Mystique.

Playwright Shepard at Loeb

Though best known to the American public as Chuck Yeager, Sam Shepard has spent most of his time for the

Watt's the Matter

A BLACK, a woman, two Jews, and a cripple. This time, Interior Secretary James G. Watt hit the jackpot. This

Tackling Cancer Straight On

O NE IN FOUR Americans now living will eventually contract cancer, which ranks a close second behind cardiovascular disease as

Wilson Gives Biology Lecture, Urges New Conservation Ethic

Most of the audience that attended E.O. Wilson's lecture last night expected the Baird Professor of Science to discuss his

Guardian Angels to Lead Class As Arboretum Boosts Security

The local chapter of the Guardian Angels will teach a crash course in self-defense at Harvard's Arnold Arboretum this summer,

Harvard Files Suit Against City Over Property Compensation

The University filed suit against Cambridge in Middlesex District Court last week to obtain higher payment for a plot of

Oarsmen Fifth In Crew Classic

The Harvard heavyweight crew team Saturday finished fifth in the final race of the San Diego Crew Classic. The University

Students Protest 'Soviet Threat' At Tufts and Memorial Church

About 15 Boston-area students and 30 Cubans gathered last night on the steps of Memorial Church to alert the Harvard

March and Meeting Celebrate National Free Afghanistan Day

A crowd of about 90--including a handful of Harvard conservative activities--marched along Boston's Freedom Trail and gathered at Faneuil Hall

HRE Worker, Tenant Drop Charges

Attorneys for Harvard Real Estate (HRE) and a Ware St. tenant yesterday agreed in a pre-trial hearing to drop charges

Eliot Black Group Recruits Freshmen

A group of Black students at Eliot House is trying to "dispel myths" that Eliot presents an "uncomfortable" atmosphere for