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"A T dinner Mr. Johnson eat several platefuls of Scotch broth with pease in them and was very fond of

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"My Man Godfrey" is the apogee of madness, and it succeeds for one very good reason; Carole Lombard. As you

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Winter sports run riot at the Fine Arts this week, restrained only by a tenuous plot and some inconsequential German

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"Follow the Fleet" follows the flock of Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers dainties, which, in the past year, have delighted American lovers

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Charlie Chaplin is back, and he brings back with him the gay, mad tempo of the days when movies grinned

The Crimson Moviegoer

Stark Young's "So Red The Rose" contains the germ of a truly dramatic idea, and the sensitive adaptation by Sherwood

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Moving picture producers are often unfortunate in the choice of titles. The Hollywood that changed "The Admirable Crichton" to "Male

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Now that it's done-now that Will Rogers has been gives his ideal role as last --it seems abased that it

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What should a woman do when her husband begins to desert her for a showgirl? There are many attempted solutions