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Tbe Playgoer

Skyscrapers, subways, slums and slicks, seven million people from the Bronx to Coney, that's the phenomenon people call New York

The Playgoer

Just how much can a man take? Just how long can a man compromise with his ideals before he rears

The Playgoer

Japan, Victorian England, and Harlem is a wild combination in any man's way of thinking. But such a combination conceived


Gentlemen, the New England Repertory has really been kicking the gong around of late. With a flying swan dive off


In its second production of the season, Alan Gray Holmes' stock company of Boston is hitting the pace. With Erford


The trumpets have blared and the drums have rolled, publicity has poured forth in torrents and "Kiss the Boys Good-bye"

The Crimson Bookshelf

As a contributor to the "Catholic Worker," Peter Maurin is one of the most widely read writers of the present

The Bookshelf

I T will take a world-culture, the flower of a system of world-states, in order to ensure the appreciation by


T HESE two books show that Mr. Auden's poetic talent is still prolific, but its direction is as confused as