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Feminists Will Meet At Harvard for Unity

About 29 women's groups will converge on Harvard this weekend to attend the New England Congress to Unite Women. Over


One of the problems which a democracy such as ours has to contend with, but which is wholly non-existent under


J. P. Marquand told the jammed house at Loew's State last night, after the picture had been shown, that if

The Crimson Playgoer

The adjective "amusing" seemed to be on the lips of most of the departing audience as it filed out of

The Crimson Playgoer

Just why the name of "Purity" should have been bestowed upon the piece which is at present adorning the stage

The Crimson Playgoer

"Three Live Ghosts" now playing at Loew's State is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable talkies we have been privileged

The Crimson Playgoer

The current offering at the Metropolitan, "The Love Doctor", is neither worse nor better than the ordinary run of Met


Once again it may be said that the world is divided into two classes, this time those who like the

Keyhole Mystery

P RACTICALLY all modern mystery-detective stories conform to a certain general formula, subject to variations to suit the individual author,