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Fifty Alumni Attend Convention To Discuss Condition of Blacks

Fifty black alumni returned to Harvard Saturday to attend the second annual Harvard-Radcliffe Black Alumni/ae Convention, a day-long program featuring

Proxmire Foresees End of Rise In Federal Aid to U.S. Citizens

There has been "an explosion of spending" in the past several years by the U.S. government to aid American cities,

Signalling Stevens

For the J.P. Stevens Co., Harvard is rapidly becoming enemy territory. The national dispute over Stevens, the second-largest textile manufacturer

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

When freshmen finish filing their plans of study with the Office of the Registrar next Monday, thereby committing themselves to

California Dreamin'

It never rains in California, they say. Kenneth J. Arrow, Conant University Professor and a Noble Laureate in economics, would

B.U. Students Protest Against Rude Driving

Thirteen Boston University students, along with 1000 balloons and a banner-carrying airplane, demonstrated yesterday at B.U. against driver rudeness and

A Major Misunderstanding

For a process that many scientists believe cannot yet be performed successfully, human cloning has generated a lot of controversy

Div School Library Users Will Have to Sign List

In a move to increase security at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library, all people entering the library on or after April

B.U. President Denies Charges Of Bribery at Grad Schools

Boston University (B.U.) President John R. Silber denied yesterday that the university has solicited bribes from students applying to the

King Presents Legislation To Prevent 'Union-Busting'

State Rep. Mel King said yesterday he will soon introduce legislation to the State House that would deny state funds

Communities of Faith: The Div School Looks Inward

When the Harvard Divinity School was founded 161 years ago, James Monroe was president of the United States, Pope Pius

Party Company

The Harvard Party Company definitely will hold a dance in the Freshman Union February 24, Brett R. Johnson '81, founder

B.C. Tuition Increase

The Boston College board of trustees voted Friday to raise annual tuition $225, despite a demonstration before the vote by

CUE Will Evaluate Non-Binding Forms Of Pre-Registration

The Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) will poll students next week to measure the effectiveness of non-binding pre-registration as a

Graham Criticizes Harvard Payment

Harvard should "absolutely" pay more money to the city of Cambridge than it currently does, State Rep. Saundra Graham said