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Oriental Brain Works Fast, Risks Portentous Prophecy

"McCandless burning at both ends," said the lowly disciple, grovelling before the Sage of the Age. "It never rains but

Hu Flung Sees Blue Afternoon for Yalies

"Loh and behold!" exclaimed the Sage of the Age. "Sotear, but don't Phillip your glass any more. Frank-ly, you've had

Brown More Bull Than Bear, Observes Oriental Speculator

"What the Hill is Condon off around Hair?" asked the Sage of the Age, observing his Green assistant. "Pastuzac," sneezed

Tigers May Burn Brighter But Ladies Will Be Tighter

"McKenna believe it," screeched the Sage of the Age, fumbling his Ming stein. "Did you Reed that Mother Nature will

Purple Burple Bursts At Holy Double Cross

"Frasca matter?" queried the Sage of the Age, observing his peaked disciple. "My Cook can't even Boyle an egg," replied

Fan Tan No Game for Green Man, Deadpan Seer Asserts

Hu Flung Truncellito wine and with a muffled Schreck passed the Brown jug to his assistant. "I must Sarno. Isbey-cause

Oriental Sees Blaik Turning Crimson in Tilt's Aftermath

"Great Scottl" cried the Peer of the Era, "I think if we Lunn Shelly fast we'll beat Detar out of

Sage of the East Says Lou Little Too Late

"Karas your rabbit's foot and Lockwood," quots the venerable sage of the age. "All right, Olson," jibed his youthful neophyte.

Clip Its Claws, Says Hu Flung

"Liebert to Bingham" exulted the wizened savant, "he'll Mead no Finical help today. This will Sella million tickets. People are