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FEW biographies can achieve, by their literary excellence, the status of masterpieces in the field of belles letters. A larger

The Playgoer

The Colonial Theatre advertises that it is now presenting George M. Cohan in a play of his own composition, "The


To a Boston theatre season that has known little but the light trip of the sock, there comes this week

* The Moviegoer *

In "Life Begins at College" the Ritz Brothers again present their particular brand of humor to the University's theatre audiences.

The Moviegoer

Planned and produced to earn the plaudits of those who shiver with ecstasy at mere mention of the word "Broadway,"

The Moviegoer

Today is Review Day again at the University with "Naughty Marietta" on the one hand and "Craig's Wife" on the

The Crimson Moviegoer

"Waikiki Wedding" has a beginning and an ending and a middle. The middle takes up an hour and 15 minutes;


At the Paramount it is currently a relief to turn from the spy to the mystery story. The mystery, "Murder

* The Moviegoer *

"Theodora Goes Wild" is the story of a small town girl (Irene Dunne) who goes to the big city to