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Racquetmen Roll Over Army, Destroy Cornell; Top Three Players Prepare for Prentice Cup

The men's tennis team lost only one match during the weekend as it scored impressive victories over Army and Cornell

Laxwomen End Season 6-5

The 1978 run of the Sarah Mleczko Show closed its season yesterday with the star flinging nine goals in the

Sliding Into Home

Today is the day that Government department generals are due. I've been working on mine for the past few days

The Gist Is Gusto

It's that time of year again, April 27. And you know what that means. Hey, there's going to be a


Just stepped off the plane from Florida and it sure doesn't seem like the spring sports season is here. If

A Very Unsporting Column

I'm in really big trouble now. I have to fill all this space, but there are no sporting events in

Basketball for the Beflued and Befuddled

I hear a lot of people have been sick lately, so I've become very interested in the problem of winter

Dallas Cans Orange Crush, 27-10, In Super Bowl

Hundreds of Harvard students took a few hours off last night from the rigors of reading period to watch the

A Crazy Kind Of Guy

P ROFESSIONAL COMEDY is tough. There are thousands of would-be comics, swallowing apples or appearing on the Gong Show, but

Winter Is A-Comin' In And Fall Is A-Going

Before things get under way, let me tell you about my Thanksgiving vacation. I got home Wednesday, had dinner, watched

Mozart and Jock Tok (sic)

Well, this is it. The last home fall sports weekend. But we're still living in the glory of last weekend,

For Boys Only

O LIVIA Newton-John's records would sell well no matter what they sounded like, so long as her picture was on

Ruggers Outplay Quincy, 11-3

The Harvard rugby team put on a scoring burst in the second half Saturday morning to defeat the Quincy Men's

Simple Music

I F THERE'S ONE CHARACTERISTIC that runs through Randy Newman's latest release, "Little Criminals," it's simplicity. In today's world, simplicity

Starting Up Slowly

Although this weekend is the first weekend of the home sports season, most of the teams are not playing. As