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University Offers Krupp Chair To Italian Sociologist Pizzorna After Searching Four Years

The Corporation has approved the appointment of Alessandro Pizzorno, professor of Sociology at the University of Milan in Italy, as

Bok, Steiner Debate Divestiture With PBH Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Phillips Brooks House (PBH) met Wednesday with President Bok and Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to

Assembly Will Poll Students on Parties

The Student Assembly voted last night to hold a College-wide referendum between April 13 and April 18 asking students if

Woman Attacked, Robbed at Dunster House; University Police Arrest Armed Local Man

University Police arrested a young man for armed robbery Tuesday night, after he allegedly attacked and robbed Juliann M. Paolicchi

1500 Demonstrate At Boston College

About 1500 Boston College students demonstrated outside a meeting of their board of trustees yesterday afternoon, in protest of a

Iranian Students Protest

Approximately 45 masked demonstrators marched down Massachusetts Ave. yesterday to protest "the U.S. backed fascist regime" in Iran and ask

Kraus Gets New Position In GSAS Reorganization

As part of a recent administrative reorganization at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), Edward L. Keenan '57,

Rosovsky to Write Book

In response to nationwide inquiries about the new Core Curriculum, Dean Rosovsky and Phyllis Keller, associate dean for academic planning,

Professor Has Private Papal Audience

"He is a very compassionate person who is interested in human problems," Zirka Z. Filipczak, a visiting professor from Williams

Colleges Lose Students

A recent national survey linked a decline in college enrollment to the end of the Vietnam war but several officials