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The Real McKay

T AKE A FAMOUS CHARACTER as protagonist, add a wife and kids and a few servants, mix in a fair

Lessons of History

You were there. The year was 1979, the year American history went down. The courses numbered three: two international relations;

The Best Movie on Wheels

A PG RATING five years ago meant a couple of swear words (but not fuck), a first love (but no

Rona's Radcliffe

C LASS REUNION, Rona Jaffe's account of the lives of four Radcliffe grads from the '50s, is a swamp. As

Full of Sound and Fury

I MAGINE A SESAME STREET CIRCUS: demented Muppets in Crayola-Vision scampering around the arena babbling at '78 r.p.m., accompanied by

Rona's Radcliffe

C LASS REUNION, Rona Jaffe's account of the lives of four Radcliffe grads from the 50s, is a swamp. As

Between the Idea and the Reality

L EN MAGUIRE, Cinetone cameraman, is just a regular kind of guy. He has a dull marriage that falls apart

Speaking for Himself

"I T WAS LIKE conducting a battle campaign--you find the grunts, the students in the front lines....then you talk with

After Law School--What?

W HEN THE PAPER CHASE hit the big screen, many a preprofessional conscience flinched. Perhaps some even paused a moment

Carter Doctors the Hospitals

P RESIDENT CARTER stalked into office two years ago confident that he could stop inflation and balance the federal budget.

Between Dance and Drama

Mime comes to Harvard only about one a year, but it enjoys ever-greater popularity nationally. Although Marcel Marceau may still

The Harder They Come

M OST BAD MOVIES have some redeeming virtues--an ambitious idea, a suspenseful moment, some good acting, a little imaginative direction.

Errors of Admissions

Maybe justice is blind. Although the Supreme Court singled out Harvard's undergraduate admissions process for special praise in last summer's

Getting Better All the Time

V IRGINIA WOOLF once described woman as "the most discussed animal in the universe." A popular subject in anything from

Woody Allen's Other Side

W OODY ALLEN COULD have cashed in his chips in a very big way after Annie Hall. He could have