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Eat Crow, Yuppies

I T IS AN ARTICLE of faith among most liberals that Ronald Reagan, while evidently a great politician, really doesn't

Time to Learn a Bitter Lesson

M ORE THAN a week later, the suicide car-bomb that blasted the U.S. embassy in Lebanon continues to send a

Space Cadet

I F RONALD REAGAN gets his way the U.S. will soon embark on a costly and insane attempt to protect

Too Many Vietnams

L IKE the proverbial hardliner who finds communists beneath his bed, Senator Gary Hart sees a Vietnam in every bush.

Euripides Conquers Harvard Gridiron

Grazing sheep, Theban women dressed in flowing colored robes, stern warriors, and mighty Dionysus turned Harvard Stadium into a scene

Protestor Urge Dairy Firm Boycott

More than 30 students and striking employees of H.A. Hovey Corporation Harvard's main supplier of dairy products picketed in front

339 Must Pass Computer Test With a Week Still Remaining

More than one-fifth of the freshman class has yet to pass the computer part of the quantitative reasoning requirement, but

Activist Party Polarizes Columbia Student Voters

A newly formed undergraduate political party at Columbia advocating radical changes in the student government there created a surge in

Yalies Visit Afghanistan For Paper

Some students may prefer Florida, but a Yale junior and a recent graduate spent their Spring break journeying through Pakistan

City to Remove Asbestos From Schools

Cambridge will remove all asbestos insulation from city schools this summer regardless of whether or not the state legislature approves