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When No Means Yes

S OMETIMES A SIMPLE "yes" or "no" can be very confusing. On Proposition 1 on the upcoming November ballot, for

Posers and Poseurs

T HE FIRST WORD in the feminist Women of the Ivy League magazine is "Playboy," and that says a lot

Asbestos Found in Yard Dorm

After a University plumber discovered exposed asbestos in a Yard bathroom during routine repairs earlier this week, a University health

Ball Lottery Results Out: 434 Are Still Ticketless

Some laughed, others blinked back tears. Some gloated, others griped. Some were ball-bound, others were slated to sweep cinders. It

'Can't Read Your ID?' Let Harvard Re-Print It

You registered. You had your ID card made. You got your study card signed and turned in yesterday. You're done

Sellers and Students Interface at PC Fair

It was fair in the true sense of the word, complete with helium balloons, popcorn, prizes, and bushel-baskets of apples.

Sun in the Square Isn't Just for Summer

If your memories of summer are beginning to fade, at least you can make sure your tan doesn't. In fact,


I HAVE A DATE, a dress, reservations at a romantic restaurant, and an invitation to an elegant ball to be

Not So Funny

A FUNNY THING happened to me on the way to Lamont. It was so funny I'll never be the same.