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Kelly, Nickens Stop UMass Twice, 2-1, 4-2

Displaying its ability to remain calm under tournament pressure, Harvard's varsity baseball team swept two close victories from UMass Monday,

Straus Takes Intramural Victory

Yardlings Pull Away After Close Going Combining a strong effort in the big team sports, basketball and softball, and a

Munro to Stay As Coach; Assistant May Be Picked

Bruce Munro will return as varsity soccer coach next fall, but a new assistant varsity coach may be appointed. Robert

'They've Called Me Many Things But You Pronounce it Why-land'

Much has changed since Cooney Weiland entered a Harvard hockey practice 21 seasons ago. "When I arrived, everyone on the

Four Crimson Squads Choose New Captains

Several winter squads have elected new captains for next year. Brian Newmark will lead the basketball team, Geza Tettrallay will

A Preview of the '72 Crimson Soccer Team

Varsity Seeks Depth for Defense Solomon Gomez, Charlie Thomas, and Chris Wilmot were unanimous selections yesterday to the All-Ivy first

Brass Tackes

James C. Petrille has every right to be concerned about the unhealthy economic state of American musicians as a group.


Besides Dr. Koussevitsky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, last Friday afternoon and Saturday evening Symphony Hall boasted of a narrator,

The Crimson Playgoer

"Stolen Harmony" is a mixture between a gangster pictures, a behind-the-scenes musical cofedy, and a bus romance. It has all


I N the United States more people now live in what may be called urban areas than in the rural


T o read "Adventures of Ideas" once will require some months of the careful reader's time (for it should be


In its production of Mollore's "Le Medecin Malgre Lui" Le Cercle Francais has maintained its tradition of giving excellent performances


M OST of the early writers on democracy stressed the importance of education in making self-government a success. If they


T HE United States has just rounded out a truly amazing decade. Most everyone is aware of a number of


I F MOST armchair explorers are like the reviewer, they will imagine that the danger of the jungle lies in