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Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Organic Chemistry

By the time his senior year began, Ted Tsomides was tired of losing weight. He mentioned this in passing when

Keeping Classrooms Functioning

Having already lost $6 million in funds and between 140 and 150 teachers--and facing the prospect of losing another $6

Candidates Call 2 1/2 Key Issue

Several candidates for seats on the Cambridge School Committee agreed last week that dealing with the fiscal restraints imposed by

Computer Fouls 'Head' Times

Anybody who watched the Head of the Charles Regatta yesterday probably already knows that the day wasn't sunny and warm

The Head: Action on the Charles

Men used to take to the sea in boats to find treasure in far away countries or escape problems in

Stickwomen Tie Bears in Wet Opener

"The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat," or so the saying goes. But there is no solace in "We

A Fresh Look

Although coach Edie MacAusland thinks she has her strongest lineup since taking the helm of the Harvard field hockey team

Reagan Budget Will Cut City Services

The city of Cambridge last week released a report detailing the effects of budget cuts proposed by the Reagan administration

School Committee Okays New Budget

The Cambridge School Committee early Thursday morning unanimously adopted an "educationally sound" $36.7-million budget for the 1981-2 school year, which

City's Schools Plan to Teach Peace Classes

The Cambridge School Committee last week instructed the superintendent to talk with "interested groups" about instituting a peace curriculum in

Layoffs Make School Staff Morale Low

Teacher morale in the Cambridge city schools is low because of uncertainty over proposed teacher layoffs, according to a study

Area Students Rally Against Cutbacks

Over 100 high school students from Boston and Cambridge gathered in front of the Massachussetts State House yesterday to protest

School Committee to Vote on Superintendent's New Contract

During a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the 1981-82 school budget, the Cambridge School Committee went into executive session with

State Board Approves Plans For City School Desegregation

The State Board of Education last Tuesday approved the final phase of Cambridge's school desegregation plan--including a controversial minority staffing

Laxwomen Trounce Penn, 7-6

While some of you were baking under southern skies yesterday or heading back to Cambridge after a week of beer,