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Class of 1938 Distinguishes Itself in Riots, Public Life

Many's the present Harvard man who would envy the class of 1988 the distinction of its college history: a freshman

Puritans May Upset Favored Eliot Boat In Key House Race

With Straus trophy standings riding on every stroke, six House crews will race off the final round of the crew

Crimson Outrowed by Quaker Varsity; Both Trail World Champion Germans

PHILADELPHIA, May 11--West Germany's Ratzeburg rowing club, racing as usual with its high but incredibly smooth broke, swept over the

Conway Gives Levertt Farewell Talk

In a farewell speech to his House's upperclassmen and Faculty members, John J. Conway, Master of Leverett House, last night

Fulbright Criticizes De Gaulle's Policies

In his second Clayton Lecture, Senator J. William Fulbright turned last night to what he considers to be foreign policy's

Fulbright Asks Mature U.S. Viewpoint

Sen. J. William Fulbright warned last night that whatever the future course of East-West relations should turn out to be--and

Zeph Stewart

Zeph's Stewart's special hope is that his forthcoming duties as Master of Lowell House will not reduce his involvement in

CLGS Revisited

With its action this fall on the Honors degree in General Studies, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences touched off

University To Refuse Offers On Land Rent

If the MTA turns down Harvard's bid and sells the Bennett St. yards to a private developer, the University would

William Barry Wood

William Barry Wood, summa graduate from Harvard in 1932 and now a professor at the Johns Hopkins medical school, has

Richard T. Gill

Of several short stories that the next Master of Leverett House wrote in the mid 1950's, the one that was

Faculty Opens CLGS Degree To All Thesis-Writing Seniors

All seniors, regardless of whether or not they plan to write a thesis and regardless of whether or not they

Depts. May Gain Power To Deny CLGS Degree

The departments will be able to recommend that a student be denied a cum laude degree in General Studies, if

The Computer College

Every once in a while, somebody alarms about half the Masters with the suggestion that assigning Freshmen to House be

Yale's Variation of The House System

Besides ending the football season and boosing the Cambridge liquor merchants into a sort of financial nirvana, Yale Weekend makes