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Yawns for Bok

O N MONDAY, The Crimson reported that the Harvard Alumni Association has decided to invite outgoing President Derek Bok to

The Ones With the Vision

T WO YEARS AGO, Leonard J. Umina had a vision. It involved high technology and it was inspired by Thomas

Colombian Journalists Awarded Nieman Prize

Journalists covering drug trafficking in Colombia were honored at the Nieman Foundation yesterday for risking their lives to report the

Council Sends Revived C 1/2 to State House

In a routine which has become almost second nature over the last five months, the City Council Monday night voted

City Acts to Restructure Leadership of Police Dept.

As part of its $247 million budget for fiscal 1991, a divided City Council Monday night approved a major restructuring

City Manager Defends Parking Freeze Policy

Despite a surge in the number of commercial parking spaces over the past two decades, Cambridge believes itself to be

Brattle St. Development Will Host Record Outlet

A new retail record store will rise phoenix-like from the ashes of the soon to be demolished Cherry, Webb &

City Looks to Shake Things up at Police HQ

The new chief won't be the only new face at the Cambridge Police Department next year if City Manager Robert

Paving the Way for a Paper-Free Society

It used to be so easy. When Middlesex County first began documenting land transactions in the seventeenth century, all that

As Communism Falls Around the World, Local Radicals Vow To Stay the Course

It's over, finished, kaput. According to many pundits, the "End of History" has arrived. The ideological battle between socialism and

Changing Style for a New Term

Three weeks ago, City Councillor William H. Walsh revealed a side of himself that few of his colleagues had seen

Walsh Acts to Disrupt Council

Tension between the city's progressive and conservative blocs came to the forefront last night, as Councillor William H. Walsh angrily

City Officials Criticize University Contribution

Despite a recent report indicating that Harvard employs more than 12,000 people in the Boston area and contributes more than

Council Repeals 'Conflicts' Law

A lingering ghost of the last City Council was put to rest Monday night, as the new council voted to

Speaking Softly:

In the world of city politics, Harvard has long been accustomed to being everyone's least favorite neighbor. As one of