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Geologist Searches for Meteorites, Hopes for Clues to Earth's History

Ursula B. Marvin, Harvard lecturer on geology, has traveled to some pretty cold places to perform her research on meteorites.

Scientists Say CO2 Will Alter Ecosystem

Although scientists still disagree over whether the threat of global warming is an imminent problem, new findings by a team

Biologist Studies Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Plants

The heavy industrial pollution and the burning down of large areas of forest land have been increasing the levels of

Aspirin Study to Examine Women's Heart Attack Risk

Recent studies on the effects of regular doses of aspirin on men have found a significant reduction in the risk

Job Discrimination Discussed

Subtle discrimination in the workplace is reducing job mobility, confidence and social standing for women and minorities, members of a

Lacrosse Players Help PBHA With Food Salvage

The Harvard men's lacrosse team recently started performing community service through the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) Food Salvage program,

Pro-Choice Activist Speaks

A top officer of the National Abortion Rights Action League denounced the current trend toward anti-abortion legislation in the United

Women's Political Caucus Donates Its Archives to Schlesinger Library

A national organization that aims to increase political opportunities for women donated its archives to the Schlesinger Library Tuesday. Members