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With Peace and Prosperity Accomplished, Let's Worry a Little

A T THE midpoint of the Class of 1990's Harvard career, the Reagan era closed with a benediction for the

The Harvard Club Is Calling

"H OORAY, hooray, soon it will be Commencement Day!" the bright-eyed Idealist inside me burst out the other day, radiant

Defining `Minority'

"The Civil Rights Act I assure you never was passed for Asians either." P ROFESSOR of Education and Social Structure

Reflections on the Euphoria

E VERY generation experiences moments that stun and shape its historical consciousness. In the crucible of a world war, the

Masters Agree Lottery Changes Needed

In a significant shift of opinion, house masters yesterday agreed in principle to reform the housing lottery after reviewing College

Academic Angst

S IT down. Breathe. Relax. The Kleenex box is to your left. The windows are curtained. The chair is comfortable.

The Case Against Club Harvard

C ALIFORNIANS and graduates of posh suburban high schools are guilty of popularizing one of Madison Avenue's most banal advertising

An Illiberal Practice

I N 1964, Harvard English professor Warner Berthoff dedicated a book on American literary criticism to "the good old causes:

Counseling the Councillors

S O you want a seat on the Undergraduate Council. Step right up. Let me guess. you must be a)