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Student Lounge Talks Stopped As Law School Awaits Dean

The Law School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) have halted negotiations over the status of Harkness

Coop's 9.5-Per-Cent Rebate Largest Rate in Recent Years

The 1980 patronage rebate rate for Harvard Cooperative Society (Coop) members is 9.5 per cent, the largest percentage in recent

Harvard Psychiatrist Analyzes Psychology of the Arms Race

"Technology has outstripped our powers of thought," Dr. Henry Abraham, clinical instructor in Psychiatry at the Medical School yesterday told

SYL Organizes Demonstration Against Harberger Appointment

About a dozen demonstrators gathered in front of Massachusetts Hall yesterday to protest the appointment of Arnold C. Harberger, chairman

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More than 60 students honored Ewart Guinier '29, professor of Afro-American Studies, at a tribute sponsored by the Black Students


Adam B. Ulam, professor of Government, is protesting the dismissal of a political science professor, a former student of his,

Skepticism Marks Conference; Students Debate Youth Service

Participants in an all-day National Youth Service (NYS) conference at Brandeis University on Saturday were skeptical of the efficacy of