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Politics, Pederasty and Consciousness

A LLEN GINSBERG sat down in Tommy's Lunch last Friday afternoon and ordered a raspberry-lime rickey. The foremost living American

Dartmouth's Woes Continue

Seventeen Dartmouth College students who tried to block officials from removing an anti-apartheid shanty from the campus green have been

Frats, Kegs, and Protest: The New Dartmouth Tradition?

From the mouths of activists on both ends of the political spectrum, the most common word used to describe the

Dartmouth's Carnival of Protest

HANOVER, N.H.--As the Winter Carnival ice sculptures begin to melt and the most hallowed Dartmouth tradition draws to a close,

Patriots' Pathos

T HE SUPER BOWL section in the Coop is deserted now. Nobody wears Patriots T-shirts anymore. "Berry the Bears" sounds

Free Speech and Protest at the Law School

When the Law School Administrative Board last month gave second-year student Michael T. Anderson '83 an official warning for his

Law Faculty Votes Down Review's Comp Proposal

In a non-binding vote, the Law School Faculty yesterday recommended that the student-run Harvard Law Review scrap its recent proposal

Law School Ad Board Absolves Protesters

The Law School Administration Board last week dropped all disciplinary action against 70-odd students who refused to cooperate with an

Von Bulow Trial Begins Without Dershowitz

While his legal strategist was teaching classes at the Law School yesterday, Danish aristocrat Claus von Bulow began his long-awaited

The Great Experiment

Harvard Law School professors call it "The Great Experiment." And the guinea pigs seem to be multiplying. The experiment-with is

Packaging: Your Key To the Top Law Schools

L ONG BEFORE Harvard Law School was even a twinkle in some Puritan's eye, Shakespeare wrote, "First thing we do,

Chavez Calls for National Grape Boycott

Fifteen years after he led the most successful farm strike and boycott in United States history, Cesar Chavez last night

Gang Rape Trial Tapes Donated to Law School

The controversial Big Dan's gang rape trial will soon be scrutinized by students at the law School, which last week