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From the Horse's Mouth

D O YOU HAVE vested interests? You better hope not. Because if you do, you'll soon be paying more taxes.

Imagine That

I MAGINE THAT YOU are sitting in a classroom in Sever Hall on the morning of a big exam. You

Zionism Isn't Racism

A FEW MINUTES BEFORE mid-night on Sunday, I walked into the Lowell House courtyard. A group of eight or 10

No Plans for Peace

F IRST, THE GOOD NEWS: After 70 years of rejectionism, obstinance, deadlock, and war between Arabs and Jews in the

The Old Switcheroo

C LARENCE THOMAS is eminently qualified to hold one of the most important positions in the federal government. He should

Whose Religion Is It, Anyway?

"A ND BEHOLD, it was in the last year of the reign of King Derek when the people of Israel

Solving the Lawyer Glut

S OMEONE YOU LOVE is going to be a lawyer. Many readers will now recoil in horror, but truth is

This Isn't a Stickup

O LD JOKE: The three biggest lies in the world are "The check is in the mail," "I have a

Are You Tired? I'm Tired.

"H ARVARD STUDENTS are just like everyone else," said the man who pretended to check my backpack as I left

Brattle Reopens After Hiatus

After an eight-month absence from the Harvard Square scene, the landmark Brattle Theatre reopened for business Friday night, drawing a