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Class of '65 Gets 56% Into First Choice House

Fifty-six per cent of the Class of '65 were admitted to the House of their first choice over the weekend,

Former President of Costa Rica Describes Meeting With Castro

The former president of Costa Rica turned last night to his personal experience and political past to give an extraordinary

Davis Calls McCarran, Smith Acts American 'Blueprints for Fascism'

The national secretary of the American Communist Party last night condemned this country's internal security legislation as a "blue print

Five Juniors Win Fellowships For Summer Studies in South America

The Committee on Latin American Studies has chosen five juniors, including two from Radcliffe, to receive fellowships for independent projects

Nobel Biologist Urges Switch To 'Scientific Mentality' in Diplomacy

"We are meeting problems of a scientific age with primitive instincts, narrow sectarianism, egotistic nationalism, and with the most deadly

Beloff Describes Atlantic Nations' Bid for Alliance

"The slogan of the moment is 'Atlantic Community,'" said Max Beloff last night, beginning his discussion of "New Thoughts on

Mathematician Traces Scientific Procedures To French Revolution

"One can consider the French revolution as the cradle of the systematic method in modern scientific endeavor," Professor Richard Courant,