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Vacuous. Base. Shallow. Egotistical. Hypocritical. Offensive. Oscar-winning. Mel Gibson is all this and more. Anyone who saw Mel's "speech" in

Sowing the Weeds of Love

P LANTS ADD MUCH to a Harvard student's room: companionship, love and sheer sensuality. And sometimes you can wrap them

Cop-Cum-Canine Classix

C ertain film genres never seem to lose their magical ability to entertain: the screwball romance, the film noir, and

Five Seniors Win Service Grants

Five seniors were awarded public service scholarship grants totalling $75,000 last night at a reception held in the Loeb House


S ATURDAY FEBRUARY 4, 1995. The first thing you notice about a Dave Matthews Band concert is the homogeneity of

Voulting Playboys

W hen nights at the Crimson Sports Grille are not fruitful, when e-mail love fails to satisfy, some undergraduates turn

We Didn't Dance All Night

"There was a lot of Champagne involved and I wound up with my best friend's date." Ah, the first-year formal.