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Area Strikes Continue In G.E., Rail Disputes

Union and management officials returned to the bargaining table yesterday in an attempt to resolve a month-old strike of General

Shelter Zoning Proposal May Ease Homeless Woes

When the doors of Shelter, Inc., a Cambridge overnight emergency Shelter, closed for the night last Tuesday, seven homeless men

Harvard Complicates Computer Sales Competition

When Harvard's Office of Information Technology (OIT) barreled into the the student computer market with manufacturer-subsidized, cut-rate Macintoshes from Apple,

A Burned Out Weapon

C RITICS OF the Reagan Administration's proposed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) have long understood the impossibility of developing a be-all-end-all

First Snowfall Short Lived Warmer Winter Predicted

A recreational 50-foot ice slide outside Holyoke Center was demolished yesterday after warm temperatures forced the local business association sponsoring