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Penn, Navy Slide Past Harvard

Add one more bizarre chapter to the book on the annual running of the Adams Cup race. Saturday on the

Heavyweight Oarsmen Easily Grab First in Potomac Regatta

The first annual Potomac Regatta promised to be a showcase for some of the world's best collegiate crews, but the

Race Officials Overturn Harvard's S.D. Win

Remember last week's disputed re-row in San Diego that the Harvard heavyweights won after Washington beat them the first time

Behind the Click, Click of the Oarlocks, He Watches...

Although sports journalism can be subject to hyperbole, calling Harvard Coach Harry Parker the John Wooden of the collegiate rowing

No Genetic Freaks in Baseball

"Baseball represents all that is good in America." --Field of Dreams Sadly, Field of Dreams did not win the best

W. Thinclads Grab Heps; Men Take Ninth

"It's the best Harvard team ever." One expects these kind of superlatives out of network announcers. But when senior Captain