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Using Some Poetic Licence

S ome people are media addicts. Every magazine, every newsletter, every advertisement that gets slipped under their doors--they read them

Preserving the Past

For most museum-goers, art is something to look at from a distance. Paintings hang under glass, sculptures stand set off

Majority of Law Students Vote In Favor of Affirmative Action

An overwhelming majority of Law School students support affirmative action to increate the number of minorities and women on the

Wheel of Fortune

M OST SO-CALLED feminist fiction borders on highbrow soap opera. Housewife discovers her unfulfilled potential in a local encounter group,

Clinical Law Curriculum Under Study

Law School Dean James Voremberg 48 took the first steps yesterday towards implementing last spring's nationally published Michelin report, which

Prestigious Firms Court Students

The season of mixed drinks and hots d'oeures began this week at the law School, us prestigious firm from across

Settlement on Wage Surveys Won't Affect Harvard Practices

An August settlement between the Attorney General and a Boston group which provides wage information to area corporations, including Harvard,

Wall-Breaking Ceremony Opens Radcliffe's $2.5m Renovations

A wall-breaking ceremony Friday afternoon launched a $2.5 million renovation of the Radcliffe Gym, the Agassiz Theatre and the Schlesinger

Faculty at UMass On Strike, Protest Contract Negotiations

Only 25 per cent of scheduled classes met yesterday and Tuesday at the University of Massachusetts-Boston as 150 striking faculty,