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Rep. Green Outlines Bill To Aid Smaller Colleges

A leading Congressional exponent of Federal aid to education last night stressed the need for a better coordinated governmental policy

Final Exams or Term Papers?

(and perhaps rule once entitled students taking final or midyear examinations to have a mug of ale at the end

Conservative Rally Quaint But Successful

anding in the middle of New York's garment district, Manhattan ter has lent its shelter and its ellent acoustics to

Right-Wing Youths Hold Rally in New York

NEW YORK, March 3--More than 4000 young conservatives, including a delegation from the College, rallied here tonight to present awards

Exams, Final Papers--Or Revise The System

An ancient (and perhaps apocryphal) College rule once entitled students taking final or midyear examinations to receive a mug of

'To Those Who Ask...'

Students who--perhaps from a streak of latent masochism--find it amusing to thread their way through the intricacies of "Rules Relating

HRO Plans to Tour Northeast in April; To Visit Washington

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra has announced plans for a week-long concert tour of the Northeast during spring vacation. It will be

Four Professors Go to Parley In U.S.S.R.

Four College professors will fly to Moscow tomorrow to take part in an arms-control conference with Soviet scientists. The gathering,

Kennedy Wins 56% of Vote In University-Wide Survey

University and Radcliffe students picked their choice for President yesterday, and it was Kennedy by a near-landslide. Final returns from

Presidential Poll Seeks University Election Trends

After forty-eight years in the Republican column, will the College break with tradition and vote Democratic this year? The question