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Scared Down South

A BOUT TWO WEEKS AGO, I sat in my room and stared at my Georgia absentee voter's kit wondering what

Fuentes Both Erudite and Entertaining

It is 1810, and Baltasar Bustos, Manuel Varela and Xavier Dorrego frequent the cafes of Buenos Aires. They're in love

The Freshness of the Spoken Word

Minke, Pramoedya Ananta Toer's young narrator and alter-ego in This Earth of Mankind, cannot get his mind off Annelies Mellema.


The Self-Reproducing robots would arrive in spaceships fueled by hydrogen bombs, traveling at 6.7 million miles per hour--1/100 the speed

City to Spend $1M On Water Upgrade

Although the outcry against trihalomethane (THM) levels in Cambridge water has quieted down since last spring, the city's water department

Candidate Plays Down Ties to Fly

George Bush was in one, Bill Weld was in one, Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn was in one. The 1990 Professional

Athens, Rome, Berlin, Atlanta?

"I T'S ATLANTA!" screamed the two-inch headlines last Tuesday, and my hometown was momentarily paralyzed by a wave of disbelieving

Graduate Student Fashions: From The Tres Tres Chic To Just Plain Old Tres Chic

Granted, Harvard has never earned a reputation as the fashion capital of academia. But to some, Boylston Hall bears a

Author Urges Research On Blacks in Literature

Afro-American scholars should study how American literature deals with the Black experience, Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison said Wednesday.