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Champion of Underdogs

J. Anthony Lewis '48 is both a Harvard institution and a pillar of journalistic integrity. Author, New York Times columnist

Impartial Report on Hiss

The first thing to say about Alistair Cooke's treatment of Alger Hiss is that it is honest and carefully, almost

Crimson Suffers Blue Weekend on Four Fronts

Maybe the Ping-Pong team will do it. Harvard hasn't racked up a major-sports win over Yale since last spring's crew

Saltonstall Committee Proposes New Mem Hall Activities Rooms and Theater, Church Tablet

Leverett Saltonstall's Alumni War Memorial Committee threw the memorial debate into a new phase yesterday afternoon with a surprise decision

War Memorial Choice Undecided, Vote Near

Harvard's battered War Memorial project is nearing the end of its trials. When the Saltonstall Committee concludes its meeting this

Tiger Rout throws Pall Over Gridiron Prospect

If there were any odd, unwithered hopes lying around loose before Saturday's football game with Princeton, they must have died

Victory-Starved Tiger Pack Prowls Stadium Turf Today

If you believe the weather man, it will be a rain-soaked Tiger that takes the field this afternoon for the

Orange and Black Masses for Invasion Today

Nassau's Tigers will gambol on the Stadium turf for the first time since 1942 this afternoon, exploring the ground where

Houston, Gorczynski, Kenary Back

The Medical Department provided the news at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon--the first solidly encouraging medical reports to issue from the

Harlow Reshuffles Squad to Find Possible Tiger Starters

Tuesday is none too early to start thinking about your starting lineup for the Princeton game. So reasoned Richard C.

Lining Them Up

With a 47 to 0 bell still ringing in their ears, Richard Cresson, Harlow and his mates could probably use

Two Starters Hurt, Cannot Face Virginia

Two potential starters and a first-line replacement will definitely be out of Saturday's Virginia content, Coach Harlow learned last night

Salzburg Visit Shows Values Of Enterprise

The Harvard Group and the International Student Service agreed on a seminar during the summer and a rest home during

The Music Box

New York, June 16 End-of-season Broadway productions are usually of the "Blossom Time" or "light summer fare" school. This year's

Traveler Sees 'Co-education' Adopted Here

Hysteria, the endemic malady of the Boston Press, broke loose again yesterday as the Traveler caught sight of female figures