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Weld Grants Rent Control Respite

Gov. William F. Weld '66 signed an emergency act Wednesday that would grant a two-year reprieve of rent control's abolition

Computer Society Picks New Leaders

John E. Stafford '96 was elected the new president of the Harvard Computer Society (HCS) last night. The society also

Mather Students Sign Statement Against Slurs

Mather House residents met last night to sign a statement of solidarity condemning two racial slurs that have recently appeared

Teen Drug Abuse on Rise in Cambridge

Alcohol and marijuana abuse is on the rise among Cambridge high school students, according to a survey released last week.

Committee Passes Ethics Resolution

Following a decision by the Undergraduate Council two weeks ago to hire a council member as a disc jockey for

Community BRIEFS

Nearly $2000 worth of women's clothing was stolen Sunday morning from the newly opened City Sports store on Dunster Street,

Students Decry TPC Delays

Frustrated students who ordered computers and printers from the Technology Product Center this year said they found long delays and

In Buying Alcohol, Harvard Is Frugal

After paying more than $26,000 to attend Harvard for a year, students are apparently frugal when it comes to buying

Jackson Tenured at Law School

Law School Assistant Professor Howell E. Jackson, an expert in the regulation of financial institutions, has been appointed to a