Diana R. Laing

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A Surrealist's Metamorphosis

T HE SPRING OF 1920 was a hard time for Joan Miro. The young Catalan had arrived in Paris from

Benares on the Charles

"Enthusiasm: Possession by a god, supernational inspiration, prophetic or poetic ecstasy..." The Oxford Universal Dictionary T HE ONLY THING that

Anthropological Soma Cubes

M ONTAIGNE once commented that the clever are usually the least reliable observers of curious customs and events. They interpret

After First Impressions...

At the Rolly-Michaux Gallery Through November 26 "An official whom I'd heard of as the Flemish patron-of-the-arts was showing me

Psychic Profiteering

S KEPTICISM, LIKE PENICILLIN, is in trouble these days. Certainty grows apace. A man in Detroit may momentarily capture national

Strangers in the Night

W ALKING THE STREETS on a rainy Sunday night in October, everyone but you is taking care of business, old


H OW COULD a Berkowitz kill a Moskowitz?" the interviewer asks Shelley Duvall as they find their table in a

Sherry and Schopenhauer

"Poetry has saints. He was not of them. His death was his best poem, and Crosby, dead Shall live in

Carnival Beside the Arctic Ocean

Newbury Street on the first sunny day in a week has almost a carnival atmosphere. No cotton candy or ferris