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Campaign 2004: A Preview

Voting in a presidential election can be like trying to predict the future. One must choose one of two candidates,



The role of the vice president of the United States is very much like that of the first runner-up in


A Rising Tide of Republicans?

It is only fitting that the only magazine left last Sunday evening in the free magazine rack outside the Delta


Sundance v. Tumbler, Round One

The following memorandum was leaked to me by a high-level government source: MEMORANDUM To: All Employees, United States Secret Service


Courting the Irish Vote

Here in Massachusetts, the voters of St. Augustine's Cemetery in South Boston can make or break an election. Stories about


Like Fly Fishing? You'll Love Gore

News item from ABC News: "The Harvard Current student magazine reports that Ariz. Sen. John S. McCain's presidential campaign unwittingly


Campaign 2000, A to Z

For those of you too busy with shopping classes over the past few weeks to follow the goings-on on the

Studying & Sunning in South Florida

Though many Harvard students journey to Florida for spring break, only a select few spend their time learning the native

Reader Representative

In the past few weeks, very serious questions about journalistic ethics and responsibility have come forward about The Crimson's coverage

Semester Round-Up

Some of the most interesting comments I've received in recent weeks relate to the relentless commercialization of The Crimson, Harvard,

After the Vote

I n the great Harvard universe, it's what's for dinner that really counts. And over the past six weeks, The

A Critique of Crimson Critics

H ow should The Crimson review campus theater productions? The recent criticism of The Crimson's Oct. 24 review of Macbeth


I often wonder why, when I stumble out of bed in the morning, I look for information about the interesting,


What would have been the biggest news story in the class of '01 will be 3000 miles away this fall.


I magine this: you wake up in the morning and grab The Crimson from behind your door. The article that