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Brass Tacks

In the period immediately following November 2, much talk centered upon the five--elections-- wrong American press, which had all but

Justice Douglas Tosses a Credo into the Ring

It is now reasonable to predict that at the Democratic National Convention labor-liberal forces will find it politically impossible to

Cabbages and Kings

With the top-level labor leadership of Walter P. Reuther a six-months established fact, it is hardly surprising that Walter P.

Conant Scores Barnes Bill As Harbinger of 'Hysteria'

Enactment of the Barnes Bill would danger-signal to nations everywhere that "the American people had begun to succumb to a

Cal Head Hails GE, GI's, Gridders

New state universities in "an unstoppable wave" will result from GI Bill-stimulated demand for higher education if the guess of

Advanced Studies Institute, Opinion Polling Breathe Life into Princeton

Traditionalist Princeton has never allowed itself to slip out of modern American education's mainstream. Although the College operates for the

Three-Way War Memorial Recommendation Veils Near Coup for Plaque, Scholarship Fund

Memorial Church will sport $200,000 worth of new bronze-tableted inscription and cream-marble statuary next Fall unless Alumni as well as

Record PBH Squad Treks to Settlement Houses

Skinny kids and five-by-fives, soot-covered scalawags and rosy-checked cherubs, kids from all the dark reaches of Boston and Cambridge's soapier

On the Record---Pepper Assails 'Red' Hysteria, Sees Labor Holding Gains

The Honorable and red-faced Mr. Pepper of Florida, dubbed "Senator" by fellow-students in the Law School during the early Twenties,

Parley Delegations Reconcile Differences

CRIMSON Observer at the Conference In the brief sober pause midway between Christmas and New Year's Eve, 358 delegates at

Budenz Sees Red on Communists, Parries Query on Faculty's Tinge

The Reds'll get you if you don't watch out. Louis Budenz, turn-coat ex-editor of the Daily Worker who makes a

Atom Research Restrictions Assailed By Shapley; Denounces Censorship

CHICAGO, February 26 (Special to the Harvard Service News)--Pleading for unhampered research by American scientists in the field of atomic

Too Little And Too Late, Remarks Hutchins On Harvard's General Education Scheme

CHICAGO, Dec. 6--Robert M. Hutchins, Chancellor of the University of Chicago and the nation's leading exponent of traditionalism in university

Municipal Judge Derides Book-Banning, Urges Common Sense to Guard Morals

Eiijah Adlow '16, Associate Justice at Bosten Municipal Court, who gave the Watch and Ward Society its first major fatback