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Head of Liberal Education Committee Reviews St. John's College; Describes Working of New Program

The following article is the result of a holiday trip to St. John's College of two members of the Student

U. of Chicago Educator Urges Saner Reading of Great Books

While Harvard ponders again the meaning of a "liberal education" and the Faculty devotes almost all its meetings to critical

Saltonstall Prefers "Veritas" For "Reactionary" as Slogan

Leverett Saltonstall '17, Republican candidate for Governor in Tuesday's election, finds his mottoes for political life not in the contemporary

Curley Says Harvard Should Give Him Its Liberal Votes

Former Governor James Michael Curley in an interview with the CRIMSON yesterday at his Boston headquarters declared that the Harvard

New Disaster of Fire, Coming From Fallen Wood, Predicted

Forest fires of immense and devastating proportions loomed as the next and perhaps greatest chapter in New England's losing battle