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Lessons from Columbine High

L ittleton is a sleepy town, really. My friends and I used to refer to it as "Little-fun" during high

Close to Home: The Story of Four Families

Leaving for college has long been an American rite of passage. A time when newfound hopes, expectations and independence tend

The Lessons Harvard Hasn't Taught Me

I hope that the people who were heading west from Denver on I-70 enjoyed my best efforts to entertain them.

A Teacher Learns a Lesson of His Own

It was a great conversation starter. The discussions began to arise in January or February, and by April, every time

Why Us Versus Them Still Matters

T HE West watched the East last week: the U.S. watched the U.S.S.R. And different people saw different things. We

Scenes From the Class Struggle

H ARVARD'S most intense class struggle happens twice per year, for about a week each time. It's called shopping period.

Reading During the Revolutions

M OST Harvard students are so thoroughly primed in the rigors of dishonest politeness that when asked "How was your

Student Pressure and Faculty Diversity

"I THINK there's a lot of good will toward Blacks in America generally." Ronald Reagan? Ed Koch? Dan Quayle? Nope.

Why in My Backyard?

I HAD a job last year sorting articles for a sociologist who was writing a book on New York City.