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Spiked and Dangerous

I spend my days trapped, sometimes for eight or 14 hours at a stretch. My captors twist. They squeeze. My

I Heart NYC

I spent the first few minutes of my trip home the day before Thanksgiving counting silently on my fingers. 71.

Libraries Plan Efficient Spending

In the midst of lean financial times, the Harvard College Library will continue to make changes to increase fiscal efficiency,

Faculty To Grow Beyond Forecast

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will grow more rapidly than expected, according to Dean of the Faculty William C.

Vote On Review To Begin In Spring

By LAURA L. KRUG Crimson Staff Writer Voting on specific recommendations of Harvard’s third-ever curricular review will likely begin this

FAS Diversity Drives Debate

Professors debated the recent decline in tenure offers to women and how best to appoint diverse candidates at the first

Agassiz Portrait Unveiled at Harvard

There’s a new face in University Hall. She has neither office nor salary. But from her place, flanked by former

Veteran Dining Hall Worker Dies of Cancer

Maureen T. Haley, a quiet, but popular dining hall checker who logged three decades at Currier House, died Friday morning,

New Review Roster Unveiled

The final lists of members of the this year’s curricular review committees—who will be responsible for transforming the 57 recommendations

Committees Will Judge Review Without Vote

The membership of the curricular review’s new committees will be finalized within a week and the committees will spend the

Review Axes Core Curriculum

Members of the class graduating today are familiar with the situation. They’ve had to forgo that alluring elective—“Psychology and the

In Memoriam

ARCHIE C. EPPS Archie C. Epps III, who served for 28 years as Harvard’s last dean of students, died on

Four New Review Groups Announced

Despite professors’ mixed reactions to the curricular review’s interim report, Dean of the Faculty William C. Kirby outlined at yesterday’s

Review Committees Criticize Process

As the curricular review report was released, members of the curricular review working groups expressed mixed feelings about the structure

Gross Lays Out Report Details

The members of the curricular review committees have called for the replacement of the Core curriculum with a distributional requirement,