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Great Expectations: B&S Release a Prequel

"Slackers? Hardly. The so-called Generation X turns out to be full of go-getters who are just doing it-but their way."

Exiled From the Elysian Yard

Perhaps if I were more self-aware, I might feel, at this moment, something like the bitter resentment and sadness of

Taking Hip-Hop to the NEXTLEVEL

I n 1965, Bob Dylan plugged in his guitar, turned on to an electric sound and tuned out the chiding

Old Working Girl, We Hardly Knew Thee

Early in Julie Johnson, the title character's best friend declares "I feel like I don't even know you!" An outburst

Clarinets Captivate but No Surprises From Silly Shlemiel

The final moments of the 1997-98 season's opening performance at the American Repertory Theater find an entire cast and orchestra

Not Just Bleating: The Mountain Goats Perform at The Middle East

The naive rarely succeed in the music world; the embitters, jaded and cynical usually help the innocent to an early

'Nature Unidealized, Transmogrified Humans'

In the opening scene of the ART's latest production, a boorish captain implores his barber-orderly, Johann Christian Woyzeck, to slow

Plumtree Is Happy Music

Almost sixty-five years ago, a North American composer introduced a heavy dose of "fun" into popular music, with the intention