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Ashong Trades Harvard's Yard for Spielberg's Set

It was April when the Amistad docked in Mystic, Connecticut, to unload its captured cargo. It was a blustery 40

Let's Return To Third Grade

V alentine's Day went downhill after third grade. In third grade, everyone in the class spent the morning making sticky,

How Sports Stars Are Found

As a high school quarterback in Las Vegas, Jay A. Snowden '98 was recruited by coaches from the University of

Paula Goes to Harvard, Her Neurosis Follows

Paula Poundstone is brusque and freckled, with a crunchy Massachusetts accent. And she doesn't seem terribly eager to talk about

D.U. Club Still Closed; No Fall Punch Planned

Due to financial trouble and hostile relations with its graduate board, the D.U. Club has not yet opened its doors

Poundstone To Perform In Sanders Theatre

Award-winning comedian Paula Poundstone will return to her native state and perform in Sanders Theatre October 23 for an HBO

Rudenstine's Salary Is Average For Presidents

Harvard may be number one in the academic polls, but when it comes to university presidents' salaries, President Neil L.

Central Square Hosts Its Third 'World's Fair'

Decked out in a random assortment of rollerblades, army fatigues, Harvard sweatshirts, nose rings and balloon hats, over 60,000 people

Radcliffe Welcomes Class of 1999

Yesterday evening, nearly three hundred people converged in pennant-decked Radcliffe Yard for the 1995 Radcliffe Convocation. After a formal procession,

Harvard Playboy Models Autograph Magazines

A sheepish student moved up in the line and adjusted his baseball hat before presenting his copy of Playboy's October

Rethinking Affirmative Action

Go to Harvard and turn left--these were the standard directions to the White House in 1961. But as Washington politics

Chair Endowed at K-School

The University announced yesterday that Charles F. Adams '32, a descendant of former U.S., Presidents John Adams and John Quincy

Black Students Protested on Their Own Terms

On November 20, 1969, 100 members of Black Students for Action (BSFA) added another to the series of protests that

Campus Rocked By Politics of War

The turbulent politics of race, class and authority which swelled around the Vietnam War ripped through the Harvard and Radcliffe

Coed Dorms: First Stage of the Merger

Classrooms went in 1943, diplomas in 1962 and Lamont Library in 1966. And in the spring of 1970, three Harvard