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Fine Feathered Folkie Friends

Jean Redpath performs traditional Scottish folk music Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the Joy of Movement Center. Redpath is

Kirkland to Enterprise

O NCE UPON a time there was a genre known as musical comedy--quick-paced, sly and witty, warm, didactic but shallow.

Notes from the Underground

Go ahead. Say it. Say the MBTA is no fun. "The MBTA is no fun." You said it. You're wrong.


Among the spinoffs of the Fox housing proposal (for God's sake, don't stop reading now, there's a joke in the

Some Enchanted Evening

W HEN FACTUAL and fantastic collide, the explosions are dreams. Sleeping, we press desire against frustration, seeking resolution. When we


I have these friends down at Yale who this weekend are conducting the First Annual Hunter S. Thompson Recreational Pharmacology


Spring is in the air. You can feel it. The sun is out. The Charles smells again. Wierdos fill the

Would You Believe Lemon Leptons And Magic Muons?

I deplore articles On nuclear particles. I see no reason To extol the meson. Colored or albino, I dislike the


Ten years ago I spoiled an otherwise spotless fifth grade career by failing to produce for Miss Capponetti of Rosemont