Real Consulting with MBB Alumni

Management consulting looms large in the minds of undergraduates from top universities wanting to break into the world of business. But beyond the well-circulated stereotypes, do students really know what management consulting is all about? The Beacon Fellowship, a global consulting program led by alumni of McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, is clearing the air about the consulting industry by providing motivated undergraduates with the opportunity to work on real projects led by the industry’s top professionals.

The Harvard Crimson reported in 2014 that almost 15% of the graduating Harvard class worked in consulting immediately following graduation – fairly large numbers for an industry that eludes definition for most students. And surely thousands of students beyond the chosen 15% bought or borrowed a copy of Case in Point just days before squeezing in the case interview between classes, only to quickly receive a rejection email from one of the big three.

But what’s all the hype about? Flexing your advancement into the next round of interviews may be an influential form of social signalling, but do these students know what they will be doing once they arrive to the office for training? Or why they want to do it?

The mystery that surrounds the management consulting industry, however, is easily dispelled by one thing: real consulting experience. Too often, though, this real experience comes at the cost of committing oneself to a full-time job or summer-consuming internship in an industry the student knows little to nothing about.

The Beacon Fellowship exists to give motivated students looking to understand if consulting is right for them and their career goals an inside look at this elusive but valuable industry. Beacon Fellows work full-time under the guidance of a McKinsey, Bain, or BCG alumnus on a real project for a client in one of several European locations, and receive dedicated training in core consulting competences. And eight out of nine of this past summer’s Project Leads, in addition to being veterans of the MBB firms, came from Harvard Business School. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what a few of our alumni have said about The Beacon Fellowship:

8/9 Project Leads...came from Harvard Business School.

My project lead did an outstanding job. He always was there to help with problems and even more importantly teach us how to grow and be better consultants. - Sam S., Princeton ‘21

In just four weeks, past fellows have put together partner operations playbooks, recommended innovative global expansion strategies, and conducted deep data analysis revealing insights that clients might never have noticed. Beacon is a chance to get ahead of the game and spend time with a mentor who can push you to excel in the same environment that you would encounter as a recent grad business analyst.

By The Beacon Fellowship

Ninety-eight percent of Fellows would recommend Beacon to a friend, and our talented alumni have received offers from several prestigious firms such as BCG, McKinsey, PwC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deutsche Bank. Over just four weeks, our fellows have put together partner operations playbooks, recommended cutting-edge global expansion strategies, and conducted deep data analysis revealing insights that clients might never have noticed.

Why stop at case interviews when you could complete a real project for a major european tech startup that you could see implemented within weeks? With program locations throughout Europe, Beacon gives you the opportunity to learn about consulting in an exciting, fast-paced environment, all while accelerating your career and helping you discern whether consulting is the right industry for you.

Don’t stop at case prep. Do Real Consulting.

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